Virtual Open Day – Bachelor – Hotel Institute Montreux

26/08/2021 5:00 pm Online Webinar via Zoom


  • Discover our bachelor’s program and unique specializations
  • Learn more about internships and career opportunities
  • Get a glimpse of our campus facilities and a taste of student life
  • Interact with our team and students and get all of your questions answered


Speakers (webinar in English)

Ulrika Bjorklund
Ulrika Bjorklund has held the position of Dean of Hotel Institute Montreux since 2012, a position she is uniquely qualified for, having managed hotels and resorts in Europe, the US, and in the Caribbean. She has an MA in Education from the University of Derby (UK). Ulrika knows first-hand how Hotel Institute Montreux’s unique education model provides an incredibly strong foundation for ambitious students, many of whom have graduated to follow amazing career paths. She credits three factors in helping set HIM graduates apart from the rest: American business education, Swiss hospitality, and a global learning environment.


Claire Jollain
Before joining the Swiss Education Group in 2014, Claire Jollain worked 10 years in the events industry in France, Spain, and Italy. She collaborated with prestigious luxury brands, organizing fashion shows, ephemeral showrooms, and exceptional gala dinners. She has acquired a solid expertise in the management of luxury clients, thanks to her wedding planner activity. She holds a Master of Science in Marketing and a Master of Arts in Education. She is currently assistant dean at Hotel Institute Montreux.