Enhance Your Career and CV with a Swiss Hospitality Master’s Degree

11/06/2021 6:00 pm Online Webinar via Zoom

Description (webinar in English)

Discover sustainable investment, and how an approach integrating environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) into the selection and management of investments can have lasting benefits for both clients and society at large.



Raluca Fechete
Further Education Counsellor SEG Psychologist FSP, Career counsellor

Background : Child and Teenager Psychology, Career development, Coaching, Student counselling
Specialties: Career planning by helping people find their true passion and purpose, Personal development, MBTI practitioner

Discovering her true passion from a very early age, Raluca was always fascinated by how people could achieve their goals by receiving a little extra help and guidance along the way. Her 10 years of background experience, training and knowledge have built Raluca’s dedication towards helping people identify their employment goals and what they need to reach them.

After achieving her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, she decided to follow her studies and graduate with a Master of Science in Psychology at University of Lausanne, together with a specialisation in Child and Teenager Psychology and Career Counselling. Following Raluca’s additional coaching background and years of student counselling, she is a member of Swiss Federation of Psychologists and an official MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner.
Raluca believes that each person deserves a chance to discover what is their passion in life as that will be your constant drive that will help focus through all the challenges and opportunities that will come your way.