The 7 Most Instagrammable Places In Neuchâtel - Swiss Education Group
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Beautiful architecture and stunning views. There’s no way you’ll walk through Neuchâtel without updating your Instagram!


The silhouette of the Château has become an icon for this town and is a must if you’re looking for the ultimate Instagram photo. Walk up and enjoy the #view!


Even after months of walking up and down this hill you will be able to find a new word by your feet. All you need to do is look. #Typography


Lac de Neuchâtel will impress with Valencia, Low-Fi or #NoFilter.


Whether it’s time for a coffee or dinner, make sure you take a photo before you dig in. This beautiful spot in the centre of Neuchâtel attracts locals from early mornings to late nights. #HangOutWithFriends


For a breath of pine-fresh air, make sure to walk up to Jardin Botanique which gives you the feeling of being in #nature even though you’re only a short walk from city life.


The Diesse Tower can be seen from most places in Neuchâtel, but you’ll only capture it in its right environment by the Banneret Fountain. #Architecture


There’s no doubt that the city has been affected by the international students and the family atmosphere at #IHTTI. Walk through its doors and you will instantly see a modern flair against the backdrop of an old charming city.