Swiss Education Academy

Swiss Education Academy has been bringing young people together from around the world since 1983, enabling them to grow, discover, and have fun!

We give young people and families the opportunity to explore their interests, unlock new passions, and make new friends in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Our dynamic summer programs take a holistic approach – blending engaging, hands-on learning with experiences that boost confidence and create lasting memories.

Explore our summer programs

Swiss Language Club

peaking an extra language is a great way to discover the world! Discover and explore French, English, German, Mandarin, Russian or Spanish in the fun-packed three-week Swiss Language Club for youth aged 10-17.

World of Hospitality

Learn all about the hospitality industry and plan an event from start to finish in this fun and dynamic program for young people aged 16-20. You will also learn what it takes to be a leader and entrepreneur.

World of Culinary Arts

Bring your love of food to life in this program for 16-20 year olds! Take your cooking skills to the next level in state-of-the-art professional kitchens where you will prepare a variety of dishes and desserts.

World of Entrepreneurship

Meet like-minded ambitious and innovative young people aged 16-20 from around the world, and learn the skills you need to develop your future business by creating your own business plan and the hotel room of the future.

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          ประสบการณ์ฝึกงานต่างประเทศของ จอร์จิโอ้ส์ จบในระดับปริญญาตรีจาก Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)



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